Scotty Mac hails from Long Island in southern Ny. He is the front man for Year of the Locust. He has received vocal instruction from both Ralph K. Williams (Associate professor of Music at SCCC) and Marc Francis (Academy of Modern Voice.)

           Hailing from a small town in the shadow of NYC hasn't made it easy to strike out musically into the heart of the U.S. and Canada. Never the less he has gotten to tour with some of his childhood heroes and more recent musical loves such as: Jake E. Lee, Puddle of Mudd, Saliva, Saving Abel, Tantric, Devour the Day, Son's of Texas, Starset, Palisades, Tesla, etc. Most recently teaming up with Brett Hestla on the newest Self Titled E.P. Featuring Brian Bond's (Florida Georgia Line) and Troy Luccketta (Tesla.)

             In addition to his band YOTL, the next frontier for him is vocal studio help/ voice instruction.  "With so many variables involved in crafting a top notch vocal performance, having someone present to help avoid the many pitfalls you will face as a vocalist is paramount.  Conditions on the road are less than ideal. Eating a less than perfect diet, lack of sleep and other factors will take their toll on you. And knowing the tricks of the trade, and having them explained to you in a down to earth, real world jargon will help ensure you are consistently delivering vocals at the top of your game."

              Scotty Mac is available for vocal studio production, skype voice lessons, lectures and full band pre-production.